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Not just another Graduation

In 72 hours our son, Ben will graduate. This will not be your average celebration. This is huge! He’s successfully come through 2 and 1/2 years of invaluable counseling from an incredible program with some of the most caring, loving, … Continue reading

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Always an Addict?

I have an amazing friend who’s battled stage 4 cancer for 6 years!  Even when all her tumors shrunk in size and most disappeared, she was still called “Stage 4.” One time I got my nerve up and asked her, “Don’t they … Continue reading

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Ouch, That’s My Heart!

Love is a big gamble. When you open your heart and allow yourself to feel for someone else there’s an inevitability you’re going to get hurt. Not necessarily because they will hurt you, but definitely -as you draw closer- you will … Continue reading

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When my husband and I began to seriously consider the idea of moving my parents in with us things began to happen fast. We say now that we never felt so “pushed” forward. It was all rush rush and not … Continue reading

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I think about it constantly. It’s on my lips every day. I read about it again just this morning in a perfectly timed email. Grace. Can we truly ever dig to the bottom of it’s well? Can we define it’s … Continue reading

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Dirty Faith

David Z. Nowell, president of Hope Unlimited, one of our favorite ministries just published a book, Dirty Faith. It’s thought provoking and convicting having everything to do with his work in Brazil among the street children. My husband and I … Continue reading

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Tied Feet

Elizabeth Elliot always said, “Children tie the mother’s feet.” -I’d like to add aging parents to that thought! I feel like I’m back at square one: constantly watching a wandering, curious. hungry!, “toddler,” who needs help in the potty. I’ve … Continue reading

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