I love fiddleing with plants and flowers, especially digging around and rearranging. With no formal training …or much guidance, it’s been a tangle of trial and error. Once, I spent a whole year transporting “monkey grass” clumps from my parent’s woods to our house, creating borders around the front, side and back of our yard! 

Most of that project lived, but plenty of other more delicate plants have been killed. :/ One thing I learned was the careFUL handling of roots. Roots are such vital sources of life. They’re like little nutrient-straws that need plenty of room to grow. 

Moving our “Freshman” to college seemed as precarious as one of my transplant operations. I suddenly felt this terrible tearing away of heart and soul. It mattered not that we’d prepared. Ugh, if I’d been a plant… dirt was flying, roots were dangling and I wanted us all back in our same littke spot! 

I swear Labor was easier! Seriously, at least then I came home with something more precious than an empty XL duffle bag used for hauling sheets and towels up 4 flights of stairs. 

My job as “Mommy” has long since passed, sigh.  Even “Mom” has looser  connections… though I still hear it as “needs” arise.  :) God is full-time Caregiver now. And it’s up to our son to seekout his own soul-nourishment.

I know, I know the LORD has been on duty for a long time, but I felt a-part… and it’s tough to relinquish a vigilant watch after 17 years!!! I’m finding myself out of yet another job. Hmmmm -there seems to be a pattern here. 

“God of all living things, give this child of ours all he truly needs today in his new spot away from home…. away from me. Thank You for providing room for him to grow and for Your careful most excellent hand as The Gardener. -By the way, I have a big hole that needs filling.”



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Overcoming Fear

She waved and approached me as I entered the pool area at the hotel where we were staying in New Orleans. I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I walked closer. We had met on the elevator the day before. Her lovely smile and gracious words caught me off guard. She had remembered my joke of losing my mind from having had 6 kids. I’m always meeting strangers… telling our story of grace and then hearing theirs. David sometimes asks me not to look at people because they will stop us to talk. Hah!

This beautiful soul, Olivia, overcame her own fear and went out of her way to speak encouraging words to me. Because of her boldness we shared a lovely time as only sisters in the Lord can. 40 years sober and mom to “extra” children like I am… we found we had traveled many similar roads -kindred spirits. “Something about you,” she said she sensed. I felt it too.

How often does fear or even our insecurities keep us from bridging the gap, reaching out and letting in? The world is chock full of God’s children (some of His kids are simply “waiting-to-happen”). A kind word, a smile, a hand shake, even a joke might be the first step to opening that door to one who needs our encouragement today.

Olivia and I live in 2 very different worlds, but we share a common Hope. His name is Jesus. Someday, we agreed, we’ll live in the same world with that same Hope walking beside us. No more sorrow, no more fear.

In the meantime I pray I’ll be as bold as my new friend was today as she allowed God to lead her wherever He wills! She may never truly understand, this side of Heaven, the boost she gave me on the weekend we were leaving our son at college.

“…Ok Lord, now on to my next assignment!”

ForGlorySake! Anna


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Breathing Room

“Let all that I am wait quietly before God, For my Hope is in Him.” Psalm 62: 5 NLT “He’s a solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul.” Psalm 62:6 MSG

Like each previous school year, our house churns and swirls with new schedules and plans for 7 individuals. Its exciting and a tad chaotic, but oh, how I love these people that do life with me.

With 1 totally on his own, and 3 in college by this fall (gasp!), my focus has narrowed to the  last 2 girls. Our youngest, midway through middle school has turned out to be quite the little companion after all of the time we spent caring for my parents (and thanks to homeschooling). Actually each of our kids were brought closer to us and to each other through that unique experience of in-home elder-care. They are becoming on the whole our friends… as age permits :)

With parents tucked safely in Heaven, I’m back in the swing of working for my husband’s law firm. Days have a bit more predictability now… there’s even time for exercise, art and reading! Isn’t life funny how it can change so abruptly? Truly God is the only solid rock. He is Who I wait on to show me the next path. In Him I find all my Hope… real hope. He gives me breathing room for my soul. Let the ground quake, my feet stand firm!

Last night our beautiful, recovering, post-prodigal child, who serves Jesus with all his heart asked his best friend and soul-mate to share his life with him. My husband and I cried as we thought through all that God had done to bring that moment about. What a good God, what a patient God, what a romantic God. Always more than we ask or think… when we yield… always working on our behalf… when we obey. Patiently, graciously ready, with breathing room for our soul.

ForGlorySake! – Anna



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Walking in the door after vacation I could tell it was everywhere. Before I put my hand on the counter or kicked off my shoes, I knew I was surrounded! Early the next morning I began the attack with my trusty swiffer-type broom. We have a lot less carpet at this house so I can noiselessly push this baby around and collect quite the pile. 

I’m horrified by the amount of dust that accumulates in our home on a weekly basis, much more if I fail to vacuum for say -A MONTH! Of course, I blame the dog & cat. Like the 7 of us don’t contribute any hair at all…hah. 

Looking at that gross collection reminded me of anything I “let go” for a while. Exercise, eating well, laundry, dishes… Biblestudy. It piles up and gets “dusty” so to speak and I have to trudge through to get myself back up and running. 

I was really enjoying this one read-through-the-Bible in a year program until I misplayed the master plan and fell behind. When I discovered it and saw the catch up amount, it took a day with earphones as my Bible app read to me. I discovered I actually like listening to the stories while I sew or paint now. Multitasking ;)

Either way “a little everyday keeps me dust-free” especially when it comes to my personal time with God. Quiet Time. I know He’s available. I know He longs to meet with me and share something I need. I also know these doses -no matter how small (or which devotional I choose) -only strengthen and encourage me. So that’s why I commit daily to wake up ready for that fresh start and new word from God. A little at a time- keeping down the dust :)
“Lord, help me not to neglect our time today- even if it’s short because my day is so full. I need Your input. I need Your thoughts. I need You! Thank You for being willing to always meet with me.”

ForGlorySake! –Anna


I knew you wanted to see it 😜 eww

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Addicted to Hope

I guess it’s fairly obvious that I’m a hopeful person. Don’t misunderstand, I get down just like the rest of the world, but generally I don’t stay there long. I love hope! I call myself a “hope addict”  ;)

I’ll do just about anything to change up a rut or scramble away from gloom. Sometimes just the right person will cross my path and sometimes I’ll need to call or visit one of my hopeful friends. Without even realizing it they change my perspective and turn the tide. Folks like these are treasures from God!

Hope is a funny thing, like water to a plant… without it we’ll shrivel up. I saw so many parents who had lost all hope, sit with us in “parent support”  groups for their child-addict. Slowly I came to realize if I looked to anything besides God Himself, my hope too would rise and dive daily.

I can fully hope in God because He calls Himself it’s “Source:” “May God, the Source of Hope, fill you with all Joy and Peace by means of your faith in Him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Anything else will eventually shift and change and fail me, but the belief that God is Who He says He is and can do all He says He can do -won’t. Experience has confirmed for me He’s the One Thing I can securely tie to.

Hope to me is that there’s more to come and I shall see it. I will even be a part of it. That change is possible!… for me, for you, for anyone.

Hope that God is using me today and will do it again tomorrow. That He has a plan. That I have a purpose and He has gifted me to accomplish pre-appointed “good works.”

Hope that God will use “this” (whatever it is) for my good and for His Glory. That He is in the business of molding and shaping and refining in ways I don’t understand, but I can trust.
Hope that there is always a point! That He listens and is concerned… but with more than my “happiness” – it’s someone’s heart-change He’s after.

Hope that He loves me more than I can fathom. He won’t leave me or grow tired of me. That He longs to be with me even more than I long for Him.

Hope does not disappoint!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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Big Plan

Home. Our vacation was wonderful… I’d have been happy to have stayed on, but I’m thankful to be home too. We leave again soon to sprinkle ashes near my parent’s favorite summer spot.  So many changes, so much up in the air (like what’s next for us…) and yet, I’m feeling content.

I look around the house and see lots of things I need to accomplish. We have decisions to make but aren’t getting any clear answers from God. I should feel turmoil, yet I know (after too many years of pushing!) that God has His plan and His own timetable. My loving Heavenly Father, Who knows my name and cares  -is in control. He will direct today, tomorrow and beyond. His dreams are so much bigger than mine. Those are the dreams I want to know, because He can make them happen!

For me, there’s no more “my way” (how foolish), there’s just “His Way” (so Glorious!). And to think I get to come along with Him for the ride. Everyday, each moment, watching as He answers with “awesome deeds” (Psalm 65:5), changing hearts right in front of me, working things together for a greater good. I can count on it! Even in the midst of world chaos or the confusion of social issues –God is at work!

You have your own ministry and so do I. We are fellow heirs (Gal. 4:7) to God’s Kingdom; being fitted together into a holy temple (Eph 2:22). We serve God just as we are, wherever we are as we commit ourselves to Him. Our prayers matter… our concern matters… our hearts feeling “pulled” by another’s life matters.  He is molding us to be more like His Son.

Because He promised.

Because we ask.

Because He wants it more than we do.

So today, I’ll make my list of “to dos,” and lay out the bills to pay. I’ll fill up my calendar with necessary appointments and sit at my desk and work hard, but I won’t forget The One with the Plan. He’s busy where I can’t see. If I listen closely I can hear Him calling, “Walk with Me,” “Be with Me,” “Know Me, because I long to be known by you,” -I am the God, Who loves you with an everlasting love.

Sunset Art by God

Sunset Art by God

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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When I have a house to clean, people to feed, wash to do, hair to cut, long list of folks to pray for.

 When diapers need changing, someone needs bathing or feeding, medicine regulating/ordering/dosing… (all past duties…). 

When there’s shopping to complete,  then more shopping, returns, carpools, moving, packing, searching, wishing, planning, dreaming, hoping. 

A confrontation, an ugly reflection, bills or a difficult person, a correct scale :/ improvements to be made,  …results delayed.

Waiting, successes and failings, disappointments, regrets, illness, sunshine and rain, dispair, repair, a new dress, PMS

Sore muscles, wakefulness, wrinkles, mold, warts…. teaching, changing, on vacation and at home, admiring, loving, playing, enjoying, prayers answered, a tender word.

This is when God has said to “Be Thankful” – IN everything (1Thess. 5:18), FOR everything (Eph. 5:20)

Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will]. (‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5‬:‭18‬ AMP)

ForGlorySake! –thankfully– Anna


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