They are His

““So don’t be afraid: I’m with you. I’ll round up all your scattered children, pull them in from east and west. I’ll send orders north and south: ‘Send them back. Return my sons from distant lands, my daughters from faraway places. I want them back, every last one who bears my name, every man, woman, and child Whom I created for my glory, yes, personally formed and made each one.’””

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:5-7‬ ‭MSG‬‬

For years now I have gathered verses about my kids. Anything encouraging and peace-bringing to my anxious mind. I want to know -God loves them, -watches over them and -holds them close. I want assurance of His glory working through their lives!

Maybe at times I stretch too far, believe too much (on their behalf) or take promises that aren’t mine to apply – but God knows my fierce mother’s heart and hopefully gives me some slack…. ok, a lot of slack.

Some 2188 times the phrase “your faith” is used in the New Testament! If I err, it will be on the side of having BIG faith in a BIG God, Who I believe with all my heart- can do far more than I ask or even imagine.

So I will continue to have faith for their salvation and maturity in Christ – not from what I see and hear, but from what Almighty God is capable of through His resurrected Son 🙌🏽

These souls that I helped produce were dedicated to Him and have daily been laid before Him.

They are His in Jesus’ name!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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What is Truth?

So much is disheartening in the news right now. I like to be informed so that I can better pray, but truth can be hard to pin down at times. Who can I trust to speak ONLY truth?!

I love my recent study on the Holy Spirit and His role available in my life. Jesus said after His Resurrection, (recorded in John 14-16) that He had to go away to the Father, but He was sending His Spirit to live in all believers.

The Spirit is described in the Amplified translation as: Comforter, advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener and Standby (John 14:16) He is further mentioned as mediating between God and the believer like a lawyer acts in court. (Bible Knowledge Commentary)

He will guide you into ALL truth! (16:13) Jesus stated.

How incredible, how amazing, someone to help and guide me- a free source of absolute truth deposited inside!

This Spirit of Truth, sent from God in Jesus’ name, will teach (me) all things and remind (me) of everything Jesus said. (14:16)

Jesus promised the Spirit would also: stay forever (14:16), testifying of Him as the Messiah (15:26), and glorify Him (16:14).

I definitely need guidance daily, especially with so many opinions bombarding from all directions.

How thankful I am, Father for Your Spirit that does so much – even convicting the world around me of sin, righteousness and judgement. You knew I needed power to find the Truth ❤️ Your mercy is great!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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Carried Along

The other morning I froze in my tracks while gathering the trash cans. Coming across the street not 15 feet away was a long sleek momma otter with her baby in her mouth!

It had been pouring for days so the creek by our house was really high. Apparently baby otters can get washed down stream causing the mom to rush out after them and carry them back up the bank towards home.

I didn’t know we had river otters living close… and as I contemplated this it dawned on me that my own babies have “washed down stream” a time or two.

A little later, my sweet sister-in-law echoed the thought perfectly in a text: “That’s what Mamas do…they go after their children when they are in trouble.

My children are grown now and I can’t always go after them as I would’ve years ago. It’s not practical or even healthy. But I can cover them in prayer and ask God to “carry them to safety” or at least “to their senses!”

What a beautiful picture the Lord gave in that moment, of Him carrying my “babies” to safety as if they were His only concern. It reminded me too that He has done the same for me.

What a loving God, even when we play on the edge and have our way… and the strong current catches -carrying us off, He’s close behind ready to rescue and bring us back Home ❤️🙏🏼

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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How can I serve You?

This month my rambunctious 3rd graders are learning about “serving” in Sunday school. I’m not always sure how much their little hearts are gleaning… but for me, I’m being challenged!

Why do I serve? Who is it I’m serving? Does it matter when and where I do it? What if it’s not a very big job? Or a famous person? Or a known ministry? Or something anyone else ever sees?

(1 Corinthians 10:31) So …whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.

How humbling to think that – daily – it’s God alone I’m really serving! No matter when or where or how or who’s involved- If I do it for His glory, it’s as if I am doing it directly for Him.

(Colossians 3:23, 24) Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not for people, because you know that you will receive your inheritance from the Lord as the reward. Serve the Lord Christ.  

Writing a blog, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, babysitting, Biblestudy, cleaning the bathroom 😜 praying for my neighbor and family… all these services done unto the LORD are ultimately for His Glory 🙌🏽

When it’s for His glory, He is pleased.

(Romans 12:11-13) Do not lag in zeal, be enthusiastic in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, endure in suffering, persist in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints, pursue hospitality.  

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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Far from perfect

I remember bringing our 1st baby home from the hospital and a dear friend told me, “Welcome to the wonderful world of guilt.” 😂 She was being funny of course, but she was also right, I did begin to feel guilty about nearly everything.

Whatever happened to go wrong with our little one, I felt somehow to-blame. Totally self imposed! And as we added more children and they grew bigger, so grew my guilt feelings. Many years with 6 kids, have brought some big hairy deals!

Probably going through “parent-support” with our son’s outpatient recovery, brought the biggest eye-opener. We learned “3 Cs” repeated as a group: “I didn’t cause it, I can’t control it, I can not change it.” I had a hard time with this statement and my deep rooted mom-guilt.

Then I thought of God,.. a perfect parent yet His kids were totally screwed up!

Yes, I was far from perfect, but God had allowed “free will” for every soul. Everyone reaches the age when theyknow how to reject evil and choose what is good.” (Isaiah 7:16) My children made personal choices. And the older they became, the harder it was for me to control anything about their lives.

It dawned on me that only He could do anything with them. He was not afraid or befuddled or without resources. He was not daunted or worried or feeling guilty. He knew me and all my failings long before they were born, He had a plan and a purpose. Nothing was hopeless.

All the more Glory for Him as our precious offspring find their way… and so, I asked forgiveness for my own shortcomings, opened my hands and let go.

And that’s where I live, guilt-free.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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Never Besieged

To lay siege- the act of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies… thereby making capture possible.

Siege warfare was a horrible thing of the past. Studying this recently helped me understand scenarios portrayed in the Old Testament. What a hopeless spot when cities were completely surrounded by an enemy until everyone inside died.

21. “Blessed be the LORD, for He has wondrously shown His steadfast love to me when I was in a besieged city.

I never before thought of myself having been besieged. Psalm 31 brought several instances to mind when I felt pretty helpless, alone and cut-off for a time.

22. I had said in my alarm, “I am cut off from Your sight.” But You heard the voice of my pleas for mercy when I cried to You for help.

Yet I was never far from God. It was not hopeless. He heard my cries and offered me help. Jesus by my side, His Spirit in my heart. No matter what the battle looked like there was always hope.

23. Love the Lord, all you His saints! The Lord preserves the faithful but abundantly repays the one who acts in pride.

I knew I could not make it on my own. He was the only One Who could see a way through! Verse 21 translates from Hebrew: “He caused His faithfulness to be amazing to me.” No need to panic, God aims to amaze!

If you feel besieged by the enemy today, take heart – God is bigger still. He is coming!

24. Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!” Psalms 31:21-24

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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More than anything!

What do you want from God?” – the question read. I wrote my answer without hesitation. More than anything else, I want my children to want to know Him!To serve Him, to live for Him… are all good, but to know Him morethis for me, was the beginning of abundant life.

First introductions to their Creator and Savior began when the kids were tiny, As parents we tried to be an example, provide environments for learning, proclaim God’s Word aloud and uphold Respect. Those were precious years, shining Jesus into their little hearts.

Yet Personal soul-hunger (deep thirst!) comes from the inside. It must be desired and cultivated. I can’t make any of my children want it. But oh how I have prayed and fasted and longed for this yearning to take root.

For some it came easily while others struggled. I remember personally having an insatiable appetite as soon as I found out about Grace. Eagerness to know more! Who was this God that sent His Son to die for – me?! Why was I included in the deal? How was I to boldly approach His “Throne of Grace?”

I just wanted to know the One Who apparently wanted to know me.

Because seeking Him has been so worth all my time and effort, I want it for everyone I love. He is AMAZING! I’ve never felt such peace, experienced such Joy, known such Faithfulness! It’s the most incredible and fulfilling journey I’ve taken. The deeper I go- the more I want.

And to share this desire is what I ask most from God.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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