2 years…

Such a journey… Facebook just reminded me that this time 2 years ago (12/2015), we were moving our daughter to Athens. A transfer to her dream school, a great job, and a cute little apartment.  She had been working so hard at college and it was really starting to pay off.

Soon, a mild illness became overwhelming and what started as a rash and sudden food allergies, turned physically debilitating. After a grueling spring and summer semester in Athens, no choice was left but to seek help. Multiple appointments with specialist running tests took over all normal life. School stopped.

4 months later (12/2016) our fiery redhead declared a “cease” to anymore doctors or testing. Then God, in His great and profound mercy made her willing (3/2017) to follow one more lead – a brilliant country physician just north of us. In 15 minutes (!) he diagnosed her, confirmed it with a blood test and started the right medications.

And during all that time? God didn’t waste ANYTHING. In the detour so much heart-change happened, so much yielding took place, so much willingness to submit to His plan. Never just our way, never just our thoughts alone. His are so much higher, so much greater. 

Today another 9 months has passed and she has been declared “inactive” (10/2017) of this wiley bacteria. She works more than one job and has as much energy as me! There is so much hope on the horizon; loads of plans being made. ❤️ God is at the center of her heart once again… and I am thankful for the journey.

“LORD, but the road has been so hard. But all that You have done and are doing is beyond our imagination. You have worked right before our eyes yet again. Faithful and True,  I am amazed at what lengths You will go to, to call us to You.”

ForGlorySake! –Anna


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I had such a neat opportunity this winter to make quilts for 2nd generation clients! That is, for kids who received one of my quilts as a present years ago. One girl loved her blanket so much, she ordered one for Christmas for her boyfriend❤️ Another had a surprise keepsake created for her mother.

Scraps of clothing and tee shirt designs made into a treasure forever. It’s fun art for me every time and rewarding to know I made someone happy with a snuggly blanket. 

I’m happy whenever I see trash bags or boxes of shirts left at my door 🙂 it’s a new project and each one is different. Clean out, recycle, create… making something from what seems unusable. 

There’s a lesson in there somewhere. 

God the ultimate Artist, takes our scraps (when offered) trims them up, lays them in order, uses them perfectly… beautifully (never wasting ANYTHING given to Him), for His Glory, for our good, to comfort others… showing us how to properly remember He was there through it all, guiding, watching, loving, longing, waiting for IT ALL TO BE USED.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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A Poem

All these trials are important, All the pieces will make sense

Frayed and broken, mixed up messes, thoughts distressing, soul’s suspense

Falling, swirling, where to settle, take a step and try to stand

God with never ceasing patience, leads me onward by His hand.

Why not bring a straight deliverance, Why not force a different course?

He won’t deny my own will power, but waits to be my only Source

Every moment makes a difference, will I trust or will I run?

Will I look to God for answers only found within His Son?

There is mercy, there is treasure found along the path I take

Never fear the road will lead me to my God For Glory Sake!


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It lurks around the corner, sneaking up and tripping me when I least expect it. Pride the base of all sin is usually easier to see in someone else, while it’s staring back in the mirror.

Not too long ago I was praying for my child. So distressed, I began to fast. I needed God to move! I was crying out for healing, protection, direction, wisdom. All great stuff. My time finished up with no “revelation” …of any kind. I was bummed so I slept on it. 

The next morning I woke to the realization God wanted to deal with me! My pride was a problem. Pride??  Yes, my pride over this child. I wanted change to come, more for me than for them. My dependence on them for friendship and even the honor of being associated with who they are was interfering with God needing to do some hard shaking in their life.


He reminded me, something similar had happened when our now 5 years sober son began to show signs of addiction. I just wanted him “fixed” (no pun intended)! I had such a hard time seeing the bigger picture of his emotional and spiritual needs; especially for counseling. 

I had never considered the time it would take. Needed to take! God showed me it just wasn’t about me or my personal guilt or what people thought of our family. It was about our son. And when your child is sick, everything else can wait. 

How interesting, how eye-opening… I thought I’d dealt with my pride back then. Yet again He declared, “I AM GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER.” In other words, ” Got off the throne!” I see I still have SO much room to grow and change.  

Thank You, LORD for dealing with me while I deal with my kids. You are moving. Never wasting anything offered in Jesus’ name. You shake and You build with great wisdom and I trust You with it all.

ForGlorySake!- Anna

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Signs & Wonders

3 times in the last few days God sent me a message loud and clear, “I know where you live, I see what you’re doing, I love you.” Wow, what comfort, what treasure… just what I needed before I even asked.

The 1st came when I popped a tire, ending up on the side of a busy highway close to home. My car is odd in that the new tire must be mounted on the current rim – big pain! As I stayed with my jacked-up car while my hero husband ran to replace the tire, blessings poured in. Many, many concerned drivers stopped to ask if they could help me! Some actually got out and walked over 🙂 …and just when I had begun to think most motorists in our area were such angry people… not!

The 2nd was much more dramatic! While cooking dinner, my first 3 fingers accidentally submerged in 1″ boiling bacon grease! Yikes! I quickly rinsed them in cool water…. Nothing showed. NO REDNESS! NO BLISTERS! NO PAIN! Unbelievable. I dried them off, thanked my gracious God and finished the recipe. Crazy

The 3rd happened today as I looked among the frozen Thanksgiving turkeys. A sweet lady my mom’s would-be age offered suggestions and hands-on help. She was Just another customer in the store, but her input meant so much. I told her she made me miss my mom. She laughed and walked on and I smiled to think God had sent her. 

God is always watching us. He’s aware of where you live and what you’re doing. Look out for His daily interventions; those little gifts sent your way just to say, “I love you.”

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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A sweet older lady recently complimented me on our large family saying, “It’s so nice to see a family that’s not dysfunctional these days.”  I nearly burst out laughing because we have not been the model family and we definitly are dysfunctional by many standards. I won’t list all our complications and failings here! However, if it is true that we are only good  at a couple of things, ours may be sticking together and loving each other through the mess.

All we like sheep have gone astray

I looked up dysfunctional – Not performing “normally,” having a malfunctioning element, behaving outside of what is “normal” in human society.  Very vague if you ask me. More important would be: What standard are we seeking? What moral basis are we using? Are we all on the same page?

by syllables the word means:

Dys – ill or bad. Like dis to disrespect, see little worth, insult, criticize. We may (wrongly) devalue ourselves but it should NOT be tolerated toward one another. God considered each of us worthy enough to pay the ultimate price of His Son’s life. That’s Value to be respected!

Function – is the purpose for which something is designed. The family is meant to be a unit. A haven and safe zone from the outside world. Its a place to question and debate. It’s where we learn to love our neighbor. I’ve always said, “If you can love your sibling, you can love anyone!”

Al – is “having the character of.” Who’s character do we seek to emulate? The world or Jesus?

We humans are really good at making messes. Some of us are better at them than others, but there is One that brings order out of our chaos and beauty from our ashes. He is never overwhelmed or at a loss. He does not despise small beginnings, but encourages “little” faith. He continues to shake us down, heat us up and overturn the disasters of our lives. Showing us again and again He is a faithful Father Who sees dysfunction and is not deterred by it… He challenges it, then uses it for His Glory!

Offer to Him every dysfunctional part of your family,

ForGlorySake! -Anna 




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Isn’t that a wonderful word? It seems so fresh and full of breath, it offers such hope. Jesus says in Him I will have “abundant life.” But when I compare that promise to what I see happening around me, I realize I have to add Hope to the equation. That equals Possibilities!

Trials + Hope in Jesus = possibilities 

In an instant life can change (never forget that) and there in lies the Hope of Jesus. His death has defeated the horrid “lock of sin” on our outcomes. That defeat brings us life- Abundant Life, which is so very full of possibilities!

With God all things are possible.

What are God’s possibilities for you personally? Always, always more than you can ever ask or even think. That is a given. It’s all given. Just given. Amazing! If you’re still breathing, the game isn’t over. Have Hope.

“Show me today, LORD, Your possibilities: for me… for my family… for my loved ones, that I can have Hope of abundant life through Your eyes. Draw us all together in You and thank You for everything – every trial and heart-ache that draws us to You. In Jesus”


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