Grace in place of Grace

“From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.” NIV

The literal Greek phrase is “hcharin anti{G} charitos” which translates “grace in place of grace.” The Bible Knowledge Commentary paints a beautiful picture of waves hitting the shore and continuing to roll in, one on top of another. The Christian life can be described as a “constant reception (receiving) of one evidence of God’s grace replacing another.”

Evidence makes something plain and clear to see; it’s proof. In this case it’s the idea that daily, hourly, God is throwing on us His grace through the happenings of our lives.

How can this be when we’re in the midst of chaos or disaster?? Because, the verses go on to say, we have been given Jesus and He makes  everything different. He reveals to us God’s unfailing love and faithfulness. In every situation that touches me personally, if Jesus is added it becomes grace. Grace in my life and Glory to God when I recognize His hands working on my behalf. -A

“I don’t understand what you’re doing Lord.

 Trust ME, you’re standing in MY waves of grace.

But I can’t feel them.

They’re washing over and over and over you…trust ME.

 So this is a walk by faith and not by sight…  

 Yes, child RECEIVE MY blessings, wait for your eyes to clear, My grace is there.”

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