Such Knowledge

In listening to the amazing testimony of Darlene Rose recently, I was inspired to pull out my old memory verse cards and see what I could remember. I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten a lot and have dropped the ball on adding to my little stack. Never mind, I can always pick-up where I left off.

The first chapter of scripture I ever memorized was at school, Dekalb Christian Academy in the 7th grade. It was Psalm 139, probably my favorite passage. I was taken anew by verse 6 that basically says, I can’t understand all this! Such wonderful knowledge is just too much for me to comprehend. What knowledge was the writer talking about? What could he not understand? I had to stop right there and reread the verses preceding. I was really amazed.

I’d learned these verses and have said them many times, but never just sat and meditated on each word like I did today. Pulling out the Amplified version to get more meat, I made of list of all the intimate ways these verses say that God knows me. They say I’ve been thoroughly searched out and I am known. I’m seen at every waking and sleeping moment; my ways are familiar to God. I am understood. He gets me; why I came to such and such conclusion on this or that. It says I’ve been sifted and that each word I say is known before I speak it.

The one that stopped me was, I am beset. I looked it up. Beset is to be covered lavishly as with gems or jewels. The verse says I am beset behind and before or in front and in back. I am lavishly covered by God- wow! I imagine being covered in forgiveness and smothered by His unfailing love. The next bit reads that I’m shut in by God’s hand. His hand is literally on my head. What a beautiful picture; what a wonderful image.

How can I not trust such an attentive Father. He certainly is paying attention to me. Why worry and fret if I’m so understood? Surely I can be still and just let Him be God. “Thank You Father, for showing me again just how wonderfully loving You are. I am so glad I have You to trust in and lean on, even when I don’t understand all my circumstances. It is amazing to think You are interested in me; ever so patient and caring. I love You,”-A

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