Memory Work

I have found that memorizing a chapter of scripture is easier for me than random verses. It’s not the words that get lost in my mind, but the address of where they came from! It must be my dislexia raising it’s head. When I commit a chapter to memory, there’s a whole chunk of verses that flow together with an over-all meaning or theme. I don’t have to worry about the exact verse number.

Years ago when my husband was in law school I took up regular scripture memory work. The church we went to stressed it. As the pastor encouraged, I took an ENTIRE year for one chapter and it really stuck! For several years I kept this up and those chapters are forever in my heart. I am finding out (with some brushing up) I can recall them ALL. Other random verses I’ve tried to learn more quickly, seem to be lost.

Try it and see. Pick a chapter like Psalm 139 or 91 and take this year to commit it to memory. Write each verse out on a note card and keep the one your working on with you. You have a WHOLE year, so you can divide the verses up by the months.  I promise You will never regret hiding God’s word in your heart. I wish so much that I had not stopped memorizing each year of my life. How wonderful it would be to know 20 plus chapters by now! According to my New Year’s resolution however: “… I (will) focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,” Philippians 3:13

Happy Memory Work! -A


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