Missionary Darlene Deibler Rose told a story about being in a prison camp during WWII. She was on death row in Indonesia, accused of being a spy. Her only daily activity was climbing the wall of her cell to peek out of a small window onto a courtyard of sorts and watch the prisoners mill about. She tells of seeing someone sneak bananas through a fence to one of the inmates. As soon as she saw those bananas the cravings started. She got down on her knees and asked God for just 1 banana please.

I love this story and the way she tells it. Her honesty about her thoughts, reveals my own personality. She says that she went on to tell God how impossible it would be to get a banana to her in her cell. There was no one she could think of that was sympathetic to her plight; no one who would do something like that for her. The situation was “impossible.” How many times have I done the same type of thing to God, telling Him, “How are You going to fix this, it’s too impossible.”

Darlene’s story continues with a very unusual visit from a Japanese commander with whom she had dared to share the Gospel. He saw her condition, he had mercy, he gave her an unsolicited gift… bananas. God had provided miraculously and abundantly, I might add. There were 92 in the pile!

Now when I see something incredibly amazing happening; straight from the hand of God, I tell Him, “that’s bananas.” It’s kind of an inside joke, but it reminds me that He’s FULL of surprises and His kindness and concern for me are bigger than I can possibly imagine.

“Lord, help me today not to miss, anyway that You reach out to me in Your unfailing love. Open my eyes so I can see clearly all of the ways You’re working on my behalf and on those that I’ve laid before You. In what I can’t see changing, I ask for more faith to trust You for “bananas.” In Jesus name.” -A

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2 Responses to Bananas

  1. Audrey Hancock says:

    Anna Banana! What a great story. I love it. I just shared this with our new missionaries. May we all trust for more bananas!!!


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