A Living Trust

The message I seem to get from God over and over is “Trust, wait …and see.” I imagined when I was younger and reading through the first chapter of James, that trust was something you “arrived” at in your christian walk. As an 11 year old, I trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior only to discover that I needed to trust Him daily to help me in doing the right thing. Then I learned that I would need to trust Him with my future and when situations turned sticky, especially if I were the only “follower” in the crowd. It’s trust to get through this situation, trust to get through the next.

Trust seems to come up before me like a hurdle does to a hurdler. Each course is a little more rigorous than the one before, and each hurdle a little taller. This trust is active, growing and  personally challenging . It’s a living trust, custom designed. It’s fed by my belief in Jesus and Who He says He is; that He will do what He said He will do. It’s fed by the scriptures I read and verses I memorize. It’s even fed by the testimonies I’ve heard from all the people who say, “He can and He did!” Sometimes the trust I feel in God doesn’t measure up with what I see happening in my own life. What then?

33 plus years with the Lord  have given me a new perspective on trust. Because I am a devoted follower of my Savior and because on a daily basis I do seek to obey Him, I have come to the deep rooted belief that His will IS being done in my life, whether I see it or not. When I have prayed and given “it” over and things remain unchanged. I can rest assured God’s will is being done; it’s all unfolding as He’s decided. I now only have to reconcile my hopes with His Glorious Plan. Prayer only further cements Him as my focus, gently molding my desires to His.

Whether I am consciously aware it or not, I have an idea of how I believe things should flow. When the plan is diverted, I begin to feel uneasy. I begin to pray for solutions and answers; sometimes I want to know “why?” My first reaction usually isn’t, “Joy, a trial, let me sit quietly and wait on the Lord.” I usually send out a prayer bulletin! Don’t get me wrong, it’s always time to pray, …and pray and pray some more, but the outcome belongs to God. It’s His plan after all.

“Lord, help me to graciously die to my idea of how it all should go. I want a to catch a daily vision of Your Glorious Plan for me (for my family). Clear my eyes to see that it’s far BIGGER than mine. Your ways are not my ways. You are infinitely greater than my imagination and I’m so glad, so, so very glad.” -A

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