Shh Be Silent

“Be silent before the LORD, all humanity, for He is springing into action from His holy dwelling.” Zechariah 2:13

When you’ve come to God, laid it all out before Him and just don’t have anymore words to say, Zechariah says that’s ok. Be silent before the LORD and wait.

We can be assured He has heard our request and concern before we ever opened our mouth (Ps 139:4). Not only that, but God has been stirred into action for us. I love how this verse in the Living Bible says “He’s springing into action,” and The Message version which says, “He’s on the move!” Sometimes it’s enough to trust that He’s quietly working behind the scenes and sometimes it’s immediate action we need. Either way, I find this verse an incredibly encouraging example of God’s love and mercy for His children.

Could we have a more attentive Father? Today I can go about my work with peace in my heart and my mind that He is taking care of all our knots and loose ends; weaving (like Corrie ten Boom used to say) a masterpiece of glory for His name.

I can silently rest in His everlasting arms and that’s ok. -A

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