Where Are We Going?

This morning as I drove home from taking our daughter to school for an early meeting, the fog was very dense. It was hard to see more than several feet in front of the car. I took the long way home using all the lights available just to be safe. As I rounded the corner heading East, the sun was so bright through the fog. I was “struck” by how similar my life feels at this moment. The way before me isn’t dark, but it sure is foggy! I can see the light ahead, so I know I’m going in a good direction, but I have no idea where the road is taking us. This morning, even the familiar area looked strange and weird. The lines on the road were brightly guiding my way the whole time however, and I never wondered if I’d run off the road.

I was talking to God explaining to Him that this was exactly how I am sensing life today. I told Him that it sure would be nice to have all this fog lifted and be able to see around me more clearly. I felt God say to me the “fog” narrows the path and actually is making it “easier” to follow where I’m leading you. Look at it as grace; a blessing I’ve given you. There are no distractions or confusing options.

“He renews my strength, He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to His name.” Ps 23:3

For today, (because today is enough!) I will thank Him for the fog and for the road made clear just ahead of me. I will look to Him for joy and strength and a way at each moment to honor His Glorious Name. I don’t need to know exactly where we are going. That He’s leading is enough. -A

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  1. landij says:

    Loved this one


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