Life has taken on a different pace with kids out of school and summer jobs in swing. My workload and hours have shifted like many other stay-at-home moms. I wouldn’t say I’m less busy or more flexible, it’s just different and the warm weather makes for more outside fun. I love the slightly later morning routine where I can slip out doors for a longer Biblestudy with coffee (there must be coffee!). I love seeing the faces and hearing the voices of my family throughout the day. I never know exactly what each day will bring or where I’ll need to drive. Life is a little more off-the-cuff. It’s a blessed season and I can’t think, at the moment, of anything that makes me more thankful. Is everything fixed? No. Is everyone settled? 8 people (plus friends) constantly in motion, coming and going… no, not really. Have we met all our goals, paid all our bills, mapped it all out? Hardly. But, I love these people I get to do life with. They are funny and interesting and talented and changing. My house is messier and my cupboard incessantly bear!!! Yet I wouldn’t change anything, because they change me. They stretch me and challenge me to rise to the occasion.

They put all my faith and all my love into action…. FAMILY. Never have I struggled so hard, prayed so much or enjoyed something so deeply as with this incredible gift from God. It has morphed over the years and with each stage I love it newly. I remember chubby hands and swim floaties. I remember skinny lanky children who looked like I didn’t feed them. I remember lost teeth, lost shoes and chasing toddlers. Everything has moved forward… is moving forward, but it’s ok. It could be I’m thinking about these things because of our graduate or maybe because we women had a real girl’s night last night and stayed up late together! I’m not sure, I just know I’m really thankful for the moment and the company and the blessings He’s given. God is really good, His timing is perfect and His faithfulness endures!

We head out of town in 2 days for another surgery for David- a new adventure. I will take all these precious moments with me and look forward to when the family can be back together for some more summer fun! -A

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