Every Thought Captive

Do you have trouble keeping up with your thoughts? Does your mind get away from you and take you down a road you never intended to go today? Have you ever had a wonderful quiet time with the Lord, feel all juiced up, ready for the day only to run into something or someone who pushes all your wrong buttons, spoiling your great attitude and you wonder, “What happened!?”

Every day is a battle in our minds. I want to take each thought captive that pops into my head. From worry over my kids and my aging parents… to anxiety about how to accomplish some future set of plans…. finances etc… to the same old grind of not just saying the first thing I think of to say. I start each day with all this in mind, but sometimes as the pace quickens I can very quickly fall back into old patterns and old habits. I need safe-guards (mind and tongue guards!). I’ve come up with a little catch-phrase I repeat to myself as a reminder of where I stand before God at any given moment and where the others around me stand before Him too.  I say to myself, “There’s grace for her/him/that (could be a person, situation, circumstance…) and there’s grace for me!” It’s just a quick refocus or attitude check.

I realize I need grace, lots and lots of grace and so do all those around me. I need a brief second to see from a “higher perspective” the person who cuts in front of me in traffic, or the child who’s decided to gauge his ears, or the one who’s lost the library books, or even myself with all my many flaws!  I desperately need that moment to stop the thought of anger or frustration or worry or anxiety before it takes root and goes off on a tangent. God is bigger. He’s got this. When I look up and catch a glimpse of the amazing grace offered to me through Jesus daily, my thinking changes, my reactions change… my face changes and that speaks volumes!

“Oh God of infinite grace that never gives out, thank You. Pour it on us Lord and make us Your watersides of grace as it races over us and out to the world. Teach us there’s enough to go around. You are BIGGER than all my silly thoughts. Be my guard today. In Jesus name.”


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