In My Weakness

Last week I had an epiphany. It just doesn’t have as much to do with me as I’d always thought? This whole parenting in such a way as to raise godly kids does not hinge on my expertise -Thank God! I mean that sincerely.

My husband and I read the books, listen to the speakers and sermons, even did the series on parenting attempting to put all the suggestions into place. We laid the foundation, praying for God’s leading the whole time… and still somewhere along the line, stubbornness and rebellion raised it’s ugly head in our kids. Don’t misunderstand, these things were worthwhile, especially the praying (!), it’s just that there is no guarantee clause. Some of our children still chose potentially HUGE consequences over following the way of wisdom.

Yet God… I just love that phrase! Yet God in His mercy and God in His grace has done what we could NOT do as parents. He’s definitely used our willingness to introduce Him to our children, but He is far bigger than I ever gave Him credit for in molding hearts that love Him. Oh how silly I’ve been to wonder where we went wrong and how we could’ve done things differently. Didn’t God know I was unprepared? Didn’t He realize that I had the potential to screw everything up? Of course, and still He gave us these children with these personalities… for a reason.

He’s always had a plan. God never expected me to be anything other than who He created me. He uses me as I am in all my weaknesses as a mom. In fact it’s through those that He shows His most amazing work. It’s in my weakness He is strong! In spite of our mess-ups He is creating these very unique individuals that yield to Him… of their own will. I can not take credit, this is all His doing. Praise God and Hallelujah, I can drop the guilt.

I mean this only as an encouragement to anyone discouraged over their child today. My husband and I have walked through some very dark, gut-wrenching days and “yet God” has been so very faithful. We have sought out support in several different venues, because we all need encouragement to keep the hope. God has provided as we have needed. He will for you too. Come in your weakness and just ask Him.

Blessings, Anna

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