My wonder of a husband had yet another colon check up with his doctor in Alabama. He has been having some new “issues” as of January this year that progressed until they couldn’t be ignored.
He was due for a scope anyway (having had colon cancer in 2010). About every 6 months since his initial surgery has been something major! I couldn’t blame him for dragging his feet a little on this visit to search for problems. He was really worried.
I wish I had a photo of his face when his surgeon said he was “pink & perfect” inside! The “issues” probably being due to his colon still “adjusting”… stress, diet and exercise all possible contributors. For a trim, healthy guy that’s pretty vague, but always better than the alternative of “we found something.”
Joy, joy, there is celebration every time we have good news on his health! It reminds me again of all that God has done and how I started blogging to begin with. I pray we’ll never stop being thankful for life and family and love! Just wanted to share our good news, Anna

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2 Responses to Testing

  1. Edina says:

    So happy to read this Anna!!!! You and your family are such a big blessing! Love you lady!


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