Grace When You Need It

Today I attended a funeral- correction: aLife Celebration of a man who died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism. I read that in similar cases a person dies suddenly. In his case he lived in the ICU for a week. I don’t believe he was ever awake, yet his wife and 4 young girls and many others… myself included hoped and believed he would recover. He did not. I do not know this family personally, but prayed for and followed their story on Caring Bridge as a member of the same large church. Today was the first time I saw them. So many people, so many emotions. The mans older brother told stories that made everyone laugh. His oldest daughter (15) spoke up of the courage and vision her father had given to her. My she was brave. But the wife, she was the one that took my breath. The could’ve been me 2 and a half years ago… How did she have a voice? Such grace, it was supernatural. And what did she say? “He loved me first.” Not that she had been his first love (though theirs was clearly a true love). No, she said he put her first- always. She never doubted he thoughtfully considered any and every decision to be for her best and the family’s best interest. She said it had been easy to submit to him because he loved her. And went on to challenge men to love their wives like Kevin’s example and told wives that submission was possible bc she had lived in this beautiful pattern for 20 years. Emotion took over as she left the stage.

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2 Responses to Grace When You Need It

  1. LizC says:

    So sorry we missed you. Jacob & Hannah sang with all the Cue52 kids to celebrate Kevin Jackson’s dream. It is very clear what a man who follows The Lord and has a heart after His can be to the lives of so many. He will be deeply missed and we are blessed to have walked with him.


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