Personalized Humanity

Transit trains. Security check lines. Airport terminals. People, people, people! My husband and I got away for some much needed R&R this weekend which started with a morning of travel before the plane even left the airport.

Traveling is an ordeal mostly because of the many others that are doing the same thing you are! We enjoyed watching not the masses, but the individuals.

I’m amazed, how creative and inventive God has been in making humans. He has an obvious sense of humor too. And that each life filled with stories and concerns is completely overwhelming to think of.

Do I want to know each person? Hear every story? Do I care about all of their concerns or want to help with every problem? …well, not really. And yet, God does. He’s not content with being simply acknowledged either, He wants details. He wants access. He wants in!

Can you imagine for a moment that our great God, Who already knows so many souls intimately and already has such a crowd surrounding Him is not content. His appetite to individually know and connect is never satisfied. His love is so great It seeks and searches and doesn’t give up on the hardest heart!

He cares for us… wholly, individually, completely. Incredible. And all this brought to light at an airport, in route to vacation. Pretty cool. Go God!

ForGlorySake! – Anna


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3 Responses to Personalized Humanity

  1. nancy says:

    Have a great…well deserved trip!!!


  2. tlc says:

    Thanks for capturing this moment For His Glory.


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