Tied Feet

Elizabeth Elliot always said, “Children tie the mother’s feet.” -I’d like to add aging parents to that thought!

I feel like I’m back at square one: constantly watching a wandering, curious. hungry!, “toddler,” who needs help in the potty. I’ve also come to realize (or rather remember) that I have a real problem with “parent guilt.” You know the unrealistic feeling that no matter who you are doing for, somehow someone else is still being short-changed. Whether it be another child, or neighbor or worthy organization, “wait” and “no” come long before any “yes.”

I remember when our children were small and those sermons at church about “getting involved” or school meetings on “volunteering” made me want to cry. I’m right back there, cringing in my seat at 47 years old! Good grief.

As I sat in a hot bath tonight, soaking my tired, soar back. I wondered why I can’t seem to do it all (for my family AND others)? …Then I laughed to think, how can I possibly do all I’ve already been given?! When I accomplish that then maybe I can branch out and volunteer for someone else.

In the meantime I’m going to let my ‘ol feet be tied and do the job God has assigned me to do right here – guilt free. For heaven’s sake, I can count my self as my own volunteer. Hooray for me! Sure glad I signed up 🙂 At least it makes for short meetings.

ForGlorySake -Anna


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