When Life Gets Crazy

My mother, as a typical Southern belle, has decided she’s not ready to die right now after all (her words). We have all stepped up our care of them both however, especially my dad who seems to be failing fast.
I knew he would “step down” in his dementia after all the company went home from Christmas. Each big event brings a drop. This time his legs stopped working. Whether from physical limitations or a mental block, they just won’t carry him up the driveway and down the street anymore for the daily (3&4) walks. I actually dreamed of pushing him in the wheelchair the night before I had to quickly run and get it!!! He can still shuffle around their “apartment” but transfers (sitting/standing) are more and more difficult each day.
Medicines, meals, laundry, floor mopping, carpet cleaning, many many bed changes, clothes changes, diaper changes followed by long slow hours of watching and waiting on them….sometimes it gets crazy and I feel nuts. My husband and I go to bed at night and think surely 3 days have passed instead of 1.
It’s only been a few days since family left us (they were such great help!) and tomorrow brings my little caregiver back 🙂
God is faithful, He never leaves me to do this alone. He is near. I know He’ll show us the way through. I believe He loves my parents more than I possibly can and if I’ll let Him, He will change me through all of this. Nothing He does is wasted.
ForGlorySake! -Anna

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