1 Thing for Me, 10 for You

As some of you know I’m crazy about veggies! I’m about 90% Vegan with an occasional raw sushi breakdown. Recently I was given the Book THRIVE by Brendan Brazier (professional Ironman Triathlete). It’s “the vegan nutrition guide to optimal performance in sports and life.” Brendan is the creator of the VEGA health products (yumm).

All I can say is it’s totally awesome! Great info! Great recipes! I’m learning much daily, which I love. He’s very generous with all he has learned even giving out his recipes for VEGA’s drink mixes… as in you can create your own at home!

I’m no triathlete, but I do exercise and I want the most out of my body and food. I measure on the lowest rung of  Thrive’s workout scale -based on length of time and difficulty, but I can truly say I feel more energy and am recovering faster from working out with his suggestions. It’s a little something for me and I feel good about it.

10 things I’ve learned from THRIVE:

  1. Lower the ph in your body through foods – fight potential cancer. (Lists of “highly alkaline-forming food” are available on line.)
  2. Seed are amazing. Each offers a different benefit not to mention Amino Acids. Like: Flax -potassium, sesame -calcium, pumpkin -iron, sunflower -22% protein, hemp -35% protein.
  3. Almost all seeds and beans can be “sprouted” -as in a jar with water rinsed over them daily- after they have soaked over-night. Great on digestion of their nutrients.
  4. Appetite diminishes as the quality of food improves. This is so true it’s creepy. Eating nutritionally well, turns into eating less!
  5. If I have a fruit smoothie with pea protein powder, a BIG salad, a homemade energy bar and a couple of “fuel bites” daily -I’m doing well.
  6. A small pre-workout drink made in the blender (fruit, water, sea salt) and post work-out drink (fruit, dates, water, protein, good fat) really do help with recovery from exercise, keeping adrenal glands from becoming over-taxed.
  7. Flax seeds need to be purchased whole and ground at home in a coffee grinder/stored in the fridge. Add a little to everything.
  8. Soaking nuts (pumpkin & sesame seeds too) makes them even more nutritious.
  9.  Fuel bites are yummy and keep low blood-sugar away. I’ve been making these for years: 1/2 C. almond butter, 1 C. oats, 2T: flax, sesame & sunflower seeds, agave (sweetener) and chopped dates (dried fruit), 1 T. coconut oil. Roll into balls- store in fridge.
  10. My Energy bars (with Ann Machel) are: 2 C.oats, 1 C. amaranth flour, 2 T. both flax and chia (ground), 1 tsp. cinnamon, MIX with: 3/4 C. Agave or honey, 1/2 C. almond butter, 2 T. coconut oil, 2 C. total various raw nuts, seeds, dried fruit! Press into a sprayed pan. 350 for 15 mins. CUT into bars. Store in fridge.

Ok, the last 2 are my own concoctions because I don’t want to give away Mr. Brazier’s recipes without permission. His are very similar, however. It’s just good stuff for you and since you’re one of a kind, why not eat something healthy?

ForGlorySake Anna


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2 Responses to 1 Thing for Me, 10 for You

  1. Elizabeth Begley says:

    Thanks Anna! This is GREAT Stuff!! I love it all. I wish we could talk about this for hours. I have to read this book and get into it all. I am having recovery challenges after exercising. Thanks so much for sharing! Love you, Betsy


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