Walking in the door after vacation I could tell it was everywhere. Before I put my hand on the counter or kicked off my shoes, I knew I was surrounded! Early the next morning I began the attack with my trusty swiffer-type broom. We have a lot less carpet at this house so I can noiselessly push this baby around and collect quite the pile. 

I’m horrified by the amount of dust that accumulates in our home on a weekly basis, much more if I fail to vacuum for say -A MONTH! Of course, I blame the dog & cat. Like the 7 of us don’t contribute any hair at all…hah. 

Looking at that gross collection reminded me of anything I “let go” for a while. Exercise, eating well, laundry, dishes… Biblestudy. It piles up and gets “dusty” so to speak and I have to trudge through to get myself back up and running. 

I was really enjoying this one read-through-the-Bible in a year program until I misplayed the master plan and fell behind. When I discovered it and saw the catch up amount, it took a day with earphones as my Bible app read to me. I discovered I actually like listening to the stories while I sew or paint now. Multitasking 😉

Either way “a little everyday keeps me dust-free” especially when it comes to my personal time with God. Quiet Time. I know He’s available. I know He longs to meet with me and share something I need. I also know these doses -no matter how small (or which devotional I choose) -only strengthen and encourage me. So that’s why I commit daily to wake up ready for that fresh start and new word from God. A little at a time- keeping down the dust 🙂
“Lord, help me not to neglect our time today- even if it’s short because my day is so full. I need Your input. I need Your thoughts. I need You! Thank You for being willing to always meet with me.”

ForGlorySake! –Anna


I knew you wanted to see it 😜 eww

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