Overcoming Fear

She waved and approached me as I entered the pool area at the hotel where we were staying in New Orleans. I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I walked closer. We had met on the elevator the day before. Her lovely smile and gracious words caught me off guard. She had remembered my joke of losing my mind from having had 6 kids. I’m always meeting strangers… telling our story of grace and then hearing theirs. David sometimes asks me not to look at people because they will stop us to talk. Hah!

This beautiful soul, Olivia, overcame her own fear and went out of her way to speak encouraging words to me. Because of her boldness we shared a lovely time as only sisters in the Lord can. 40 years sober and mom to “extra” children like I am… we found we had traveled many similar roads -kindred spirits. “Something about you,” she said she sensed. I felt it too.

How often does fear or even our insecurities keep us from bridging the gap, reaching out and letting in? The world is chock full of God’s children (some of His kids are simply “waiting-to-happen”). A kind word, a smile, a hand shake, even a joke might be the first step to opening that door to one who needs our encouragement today.

Olivia and I live in 2 very different worlds, but we share a common Hope. His name is Jesus. Someday, we agreed, we’ll live in the same world with that same Hope walking beside us. No more sorrow, no more fear.

In the meantime I pray I’ll be as bold as my new friend was today as she allowed God to lead her wherever He wills! She may never truly understand, this side of Heaven, the boost she gave me on the weekend we were leaving our son at college.

“…Ok Lord, now on to my next assignment!”

ForGlorySake! Anna


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2 Responses to Overcoming Fear

  1. Nancy says:

    😀 hope Timothy and you all are doing well!! What an exciting time in his life to start this new journey! I told him I hope I can get Jake over there to visit him sometime.

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