Need a Re-do?

I walked my old neighborhood with a close friend. We reminisced about the former neighbors and many events that we had shared. Funny how it’s always the scandalous that stick out in one’s memory. No new news shared, but we did tend to harp on the more gossipy tales. 

Passing by our former address, I wondered how many folks remembered my family’s past… blunders, dramas, scandals??Believe me, there have been several! I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for our second chances and new beginnings. 

God is gracious with the re-do plan He offers. It’s not like anyone can ever go back and undo… or escape the natural consequences of foolishness, but He does offer a total wash from His end and a chance to start over fresh, today.

For that I’m truly grateful.

On my next lap around, I prayed silently for those same old neighbors and their stories. I asked God for Grace to cover them as He had so graciously covered us. I asked for a wonderful testimony from their past and a re-do on their future! 

After all my family is not some special breed- Mercy is there for the taking, extended to anyone willing to receive. Grace on top of grace-a gift. Hallelujah & amen!

ForGlorySake! Anna


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