Little Princess

I remember the day she entered the world. How can a mother forget her 1st labor?! Literally this child -after we settled her from the rude “spank of life” -lay in my arms with eyes WIDE open, fingers and toes spread out! It is hilarious looking back… she took life in gulps from day 1!

The oldest, bless her or his heart, is none other than a guinea-pig. We parents cut our teeth on them, yet God creates them out of a tough material to withstand the trauma. Prince or Princess, they are special folk! Thankfully, I married a first-born –he seems more qualified than me to go head to head with what we have produced.

It has been a challenge from “labor day” on to get our little princess to conform to our plan. What a joy to finally be witnessing the outcome. All that effort our darling daughter put into us (her siblings helped too) has paid off. You see, my husband and I are the ones that have been changed! 

I look now at a beautiful woman standing so strong, confident, eyes and hands still wide open, taking life in gulps, and I’m amazed at God’s patient and merciful plan. He does not leave any of us as He finds us… He never does. He transforms every willing person, every personality –for His Glory.

He is not finished with me… He is not finished with our family. Oh what a great God we serve!

“LORD, help us to recognize Your plan for each of our children and please continue Your transforming work in us.”

ForGlorySake! -Anna 


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