The Spirit

For Glory Sake!

Where do you run when your world is topsy-turvy? What do you reach for when circumstances swirl in chaos? How far do you allow yourself to be swept away in a current of worry before you look for something to ease the strain? Some of our pacifiers are harmless… more or less, but others…

Finding relief is a wonderful feeling, yet I have learned from involvement with our son’s rehab support group, many things we choose to sooth end up hurting us and others.  While drugs and alcohol obviously top the list, other indulgences like over-eating and outbursts of anger are not always mentioned. These things may make you feel better for the moment, but as everyone knows their consequences leave scars.

So what do we look for as healthy stress-releaving alternatives? Physical activity, reading, meditation, and a variety of creative and artistic expressions are options. I use all of these, but particularly meditating on…

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