Glory? I’m moving

Writing the words on my calendar: “Ben’s fiancés wedding shower today @ 2pm” just blew me away. My eyes blurred thinking about our sweet son, nearly 4 years sober and our beautiful daughter-in-law-to be. Again Romans 4:17 rang in my ears… You are the God Who brings the dead back to life and makes something out of nothing. Only God can bring about change and blessing like this.

I furiously wrote in my jurnal: ” You ARE faithful, You ARE good, Look at all You’ve done!!! (As if He needs reminding…) We were NOT lost, we were NOT forgotten, You did NOT leave us like we were! You bore EACH sin, You carried EACH sorrow, You healed EACH desease & I have the people IN this very house to prove it! How can I doubt that You hear me now? How can I stress over what’s ahead? Or pout over another move and change for our family? You know best and I want YOUR plan  and YOUR timing. I trust You- I’m all in.

As Isaiah 26:7&8 says in The Message, “Who You are and what You’ve done is ALL we want.” Or as The New Living Translation states, LORD, we show our trust in You by obeying Your ways, our heart’s desire is to GLORIFY Your name.” 

!!! I love when God brings a verse home to me, like a punch. Sometimes after I read, it takes me writing my thoughts down to see the big picture. Haven’t I prayed for years and years: “Show me Your Glory!” (Ex.33:18)? …And He has been, but I am to be a reflection of that Glory as well…

In my trust, in my contentment, in my attitude.

So, I guess moving – again – isn’t that big of a deal, even with a wedding hot on our heels. Bring on the boxes! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

ForGlorySake! Anna

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