I love the first moments of morning best; those seconds before I’m fully awake. I don’t know what day it is yet and the “to dos” haven’t formed… That’s when I think of him. I wonder what he’s doing and what things look like around him. I wonder at all he sees and is thinking. Who?

I marvel that HE made me, chose me and has a plan. Why? Why me? What on earth do I have to offer for His glory? That’s the point isn’t it? His Glory. I stand in my feet and hair at this time and in this generation for His glory. I’ve read and retread the entire Bible again and again and that’s what I come up with. God.

He created this world… all of it’s amazing treasures (including people) For -His -Glory. So we would look up and realize this was not all an accident. There is a Creator. God. Our Father. And He adores each of us so much He sent His Son to die for our sins and show us the way to eternal life with Him.

It sounds crazy. No matter how many times I’ve heard it, it sounds just… too crazy. Me, a girl from Atlanta, capturing God’s attention and communicating with Him? It floored me at 11 yrs and it floors me the same today. “I AM” near, closer than my breath. I breath and try to settle my mind.

I ask Him to help me understand, “Give me wisdom.” I want to know the way through this day. I want to choose wisely and act like I’m His -all His.  I want everyone to know the shear joy of belonging and being loved by their gracious Heavenly Father who waits to show them His Glory.

“LORD, until I can see you face to face and feel your hands touch my face, fill me up with Your mighty Spirit that sustains. Keep the wonder and longing alive and help me share the thrill of knowing You personally as my very own Father. You are God and there is no other.”

ForGlorySake! -Anna IMG_3246

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    The Alpha & Omega


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