Changing Hearts Through Prayer

“… a group of men who were carrying a paralytic had to take him to the roof of the house, remove some tiles, and let him down in front of Jesus. Jesus linked faith with the miracle.” -The Bible Knowledge Commentary

When Jesus saw how much faith THEY had, He said to the man, Your sins are forgiven.” Luke 5:20

Sometimes we just don’t have the clarity for our own situation. Sometimes we lack the faith to believe good is coming. Sometimes life seems tremendously full of distractions and our energy is completely zapped. That’s when we need others to carry us. 

I’ve been there. It’s humbling to receive, but without supportive arms I would’ve fallen flat. Prayers offered on my behalf have been  sheer life to me. They didn’t just keep me going, they revived and strengthened me. They sustained me.

I don’t know all the ways in which God uses prayer, but I can tell you the power is real and tangible! I will never again underestimate my words -to God -over another soul. They are precious and holy. God treasures each one. He allows them to be part of a covering.

 When I know my children (for instance) are stressed, distracted and even possibly disinterested I pray on their behalf. I stand in their stead before God, blanketing them in prayer, one by one. Then I wait expectantly to see the outcome. 

God is always gracious. He allows our faith in Him to lay down our “friend, sister, brother, child, spouse” gently at His feet where He can begin to heal and restore. He allows you and me to be a part – a catalyst of sorts. 

Our faith, through prayer, can initiate movement when the one we care about is paralyzed. I’ve seen it happen again and again. I’m watching it now. Another heart is changing before my eyes! 

Thank You, LORD for the incredible gift of prayer.

ForGlorySake! –Anna 


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