Stepping Out

I did something yesterday I’ve never done before. I joined in a craft show for a worthy cause. I like trying something new be it food or adventure… just nothing too high (sky-diving isn’t on my list)!  This time, however, I was alone and had no idea what I was doing (procedure, decorum etc..) I just gathered stuff I like to make and showed up. It was a $25 investment to sit at a table and sell (9am-6pm). I was so incredibly nervous about my hodge-podge of crafty stuff. I’d rather give things away than see them “judged” for monetary value. I had no idea what to even charge!

The room was large and (major gulp) everyone there was organized and professionally decked out. My table had no covering or display boxes stacked. Clearly these women had done this before. I chose 3 categories to lay on the table (jewelry sets I make, personalized house paintings I create to raise money for Hope Unlimited Ministries and my good ‘ol Tee Shirt Quilts).  I smiled, but people walked all the way around, as in avoidance of, my table. This was not working out well.

I got up and decided to meet all the other vendors. Smart and focused these ladies had pretty amazing businesses going. It was fun to visit and listen to each one. I finally returned to my forlorn table and proceeded to cut out tee shirts, one by one for the next quilt order. At least my time would not be waisted. Then it dawned on me that if shoppers wouldn’t come to me, I would just go to them. I gathered my stack of business cards and proceeded to meet everyone in the room. I kept the focus on my Tee Shirt Quilts and was simply overwhelmed by the response!

After 30 mins I had given out every business card I brought and already had 3 people ready to drop off tee shirts the next week. A great meet-up place for said drop-off is our Law Firm (I’m back working everyday), so a few cards went out for Will & Estate needs as well. That morning I had asked God to go with me and help me and was encouraged by the verse: Walk by faith and not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Cards gone, quilt squares cut out, new friends made, I packed up and headed home early. I don’t know if I’ll do this again, but it was an interesting experience. God certainly came through. I did walk by faith and He helped me to step up.

ForGlorySake! -AnnaIMG_2802



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