Anxious Thoughts

“When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your comforts delight me.”Psalm 94:19

Oh how I stress… worry, fret and think on things round and round. Seems some parts of the month are easy and joyful while others are harder and way more exhausting :/ (Hormones?)

God IS wonderful, Jesus IS awesome, and life IS full of His grace & redemption… but hard situations present and don’t resolve quickly. Sin brings pain to everyone and our enemy comes to kill and destroy. How do we hold to JOY in the waiting? 
ASK FOR IT! Ask now, ask tomorrow and continually seek things to think on that are: true, honorable, worthy of respect, right, confirmed by God’s word, pure, wholesome, lovely, bringing peace, admirable, of good repute; anything of excellence, anything worthy of praise!!! (Philippians 4:8) It takes effort. 
We must continually think on such things [center our minds on them, implant them in our hearts]. There goes my Netflix playlistRepetition breeds habit. What you feed will grow! Setting our mind above will lesson the heaviness of this earth. It does not change it, but there is hope to be found and areas to move forward in today. 
God will show you the way as HE does me, when you ask. We must seek. We must purpose to focus on the wholesome IF we truly want to find JOY. His comforts delight.

God is bigger than our anxiety.
ForGlorySake! Anna 


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One Response to Anxious Thoughts

  1. Elizabeth S Begley says:

    Wonderful! Thank you!


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