D I E T…

That 4 letter word… the thought of it makes me grumpy. But there is no more avoiding the fact that it’s time. No matter how healthy I eat, how carefully I choose, if I don’t watch how many calorices I take in – the scale creeps – in an unfriendly direction. 

5lbs I hardly notice but 10?? My clothes are tight. Groan. The dreaded moment comes. (New clothes? No) The scale. Everyone has fears/phobias, mine lies with that small square platform and dates back to years as a dancer suffering through “weigh-ins.” If you don’t know this trauma, imagine weighing publicly in front of your neighbors 😜 with added critiques.

On. Numbers noted. Done. No pouting. There will be no drama over cheese (I do love cheese). I will not to cry about less Lilly’s chocolate. I will be measured and patient and not rush the process. No pills or potions, just a cut down on calories and good ol workouts. 

“My Plate” is my favorite app for tracking what goes in and what comes off. It also tracks activities like walking and gives credit for cleaning the house and mowing! It helps me see when I need more protein and less carbs and encourages me to eat if I’ve gotten busy. 

All is well, the sun is still shining and I will survive…. even at 50. 

God is my strength ❤️ 

ForGlorySake! –Anna  

 Egg white/flax meal pancake with drizzled agave ❤️

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