The Lyme Disease Roller Coaster

So to update (since March 14) on Sarah… she keeps on! Keeps on getting up to go work even with intermittent headaches and dizziness. Keeps on taking the medications prescribed and keeps on hoping for relief. Any change seems positive.

Rounds of antbiotics are breaking up the embedded borrelia bacteria in her body. Toxins (cytokines) release and her system struggles to fight the inflammatory response. Weird reactions take place: body tremors that last for hours, headaches that come and go, sharp kidney pain, sleeplessness and the ever-present dizziness.

We’ve read mixed reviews on how long this will continue. Generally agreed upon is that “treatments cause temporary worsening of symptoms.” Words like change and fight and temporary hold hope.

Recently Sarah was able to eat all kinds of fruit she’s been mysteriously allergic to (lips/tongue swelling) since 2015! Her double-vision cleared in the same 24 hours! Each healing is a gift from God and we gladly give Him all the Glory.

What a ride, what a crazy, crazy ride this has been. Thank you again for all the prayers ❤️❤️❤️

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