Grace like an Ocean…

Deeper than I can measure…

Farther than I can see to its end…

Powerful, unpredictable, all-consuming, overwhelming…

This is God’s Grace. How far does it reach? To what lengthd will it go? Just what will it cover? … and, How many times? I’ve been searching and seeking through scripture and keep coming to the same question: “What did Christ’s death accomplish?”

Everything! It covered All sin. That is- everyone’s for all time

I can not find a limitation spoken anywhere. I can not reach another conclusion: Jesus’ death covered it all. And this covering has been offered, a total gift to anyone who wants it. 

Grace. So amazing, so overwhelming, so complete in every way. Again and again. 

But for any who would attempt to “use” it? “Cheapen” it? Could such a sacrifice even be cheapened? No way! Impossible! What God planned and achieved is Eternal -beyond anything a mere  human could try to “soften.” This IS the Good News!

It is Grace- extended to me (God’s creation) by an all-powerful, all-loving Father (my Creator)! It is bigger than the sea itself.. 

“…but You are a God of forgiveness, gracious and merciful and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness, for You did not forsake them.” Nehemiah 9:17b

How true. He sent Jesus❤️ 


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