Choosing Joy

Choices come in all shapes and sizes, even colors. Daily I choose items, activities, clothing, and food. It’s a constant determination to make each of those good… or not. Unfortunately it can vary according to how tired I am. Making a habit of consistency helps (like exercising daily).

What about attitudes? Sometimes I blame hormones or other people, yet my attitudes and my reactions are my choice. I have found choosing Joy first-off, each day, greatly helps me set the stage! It’s where I begin. 

Just after I wake, my todo list pops up. I try to mentally push that aside and make a gratitude list instead. Simply, what I’m thankful for. That 2 seconds begins a pattern that sets my day. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, busy or light, work or vacation. Right there, I have chosen thankfulness over discontentment. 

The benefit? Joy! I can honestly smile and sing in the midst of whatever. The Joy that God gives me for being thankful for toothpaste to salvation, is the undercurrent of my life. 

There will always be plenty of mess and heartache, stress and storm, yet Joy remains because I’m looking for it… and God is faithful (in the midst) to provide.

What are you thankful for today? 

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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