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Just Like That

Just like that, it’s happened again. Before I could fully grasp it, another of these babies God gave me has become an adult! 18, out of school and off to college. It’s our 4th born this time headed toward the … Continue reading

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Plausible Outcomes

The newest Avenger’s movie owns one of my favorite scenes where Dr. Strange uses his ability to time-warp, viewing all possible outcomes to a seemingly impossible situation. He states …in only one they survive. It makes me laugh as I … Continue reading

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Becoming the mom I want to be…

Believe it or not after 24 years of “mothering” I still haven’t fully arrived! It’s an on-going, ever-changing job – this motherhood business. Mostly because our children keep changing. There were the baby & early years where it was all … Continue reading

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Big Picture

Sometimes the road we’re on is so messy and inconvenient and seemingly senseless. “It’s just taking too long to get anywhere or produce anything!” And then after months (or years!) of going along, doing what’s next – a tiny crack … Continue reading

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Audacious Asking

Ask, Seek, Knock. My basic formula for a life walking-with-God. He calls, I answer…. and then I have lots and lots of questions! And the amazing thing is? He keeps calling me. Ha But it’s ok to ask. It’s even … Continue reading

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Learning To Listen

2 ears, 1mouth. How many times was I told that? Chatty by nature, I remember a detention or 2 because of talking. I also remember my family and friends thinking it was “so funny” I chose ballet- the silent art. … Continue reading

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All You Do

Sometimes I wonder what I do all day and whether or not it really matters. For years I was a stay-at-home-(homeschooling)-mom. Loads of work! As each child got older, and entered school I became more of a taxi driver and … Continue reading

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