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What God Uses…

Appointments have come and gone and we have met a lot of medical professionals in the last few weeks- including a Neuro-ophthalmologist! Our daughter has officially withdrawn from college on “medical leave” in light of her on-going symptoms (dizziness/blurred vision). … Continue reading

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What if?…

Today is a day we have both dreaded and waited for. Today those particular tests the neurologist requested will finally be run. It seems like it’s taken forever. It has only been a week. To a college student however, days … Continue reading

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The Part I Don’t Like

How I remember days like these… unpleasant. It’s the part I hate, where you wait and wait. God must have great leverage in changing us when we have to wait.  Today was full of calling… and waiting to be called … Continue reading

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The Steady One

“Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8 How I needed these words of life to glow from my phone today, staring at me like a challange to remember -God is here.  Friday, after a long and winding tale of … Continue reading

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Stepping Out

I did something yesterday I’ve never done before. I joined in a craft show for a worthy cause. I like trying something new be it food or adventure… just nothing too high (sky-diving isn’t on my list)!  This time, however, … Continue reading

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Old Dog, New Tricks

So… our out-of-state college kid came home this summer and whipped us into shape! He’s been away studying hard, working out and returned all buff and muscular. Enthusiasm  must be contagious because he’s motivating some “older” dogs ( I won’t … Continue reading

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Wonderful Season of Life

Raising adult children is so… different. Different from when they were little- that’s for sure! With our kids 14-25, the people that come through our house are independent thinkers and doers! They are not the little children that once needed us … Continue reading

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