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2 years…

Such a journey… Facebook just reminded me that this time 2 years ago (12/2015), we were moving our daughter to Athens. A transfer to her dream school, a great job, and a cute little apartment.  She had been working so … Continue reading

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I had such a neat opportunity this winter to make quilts for 2nd generation clients! That is, for kids who received one of my quilts as a present years ago. One girl loved her blanket so much, she ordered one … Continue reading

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A Poem

All these trials are important, All the pieces will make sense Frayed and broken, mixed up messes, thoughts distressing, soul’s suspense Falling, swirling, where to settle, take a step and try to stand God with never ceasing patience, leads me … Continue reading

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It lurks around the corner, sneaking up and tripping me when I least expect it. Pride the base of all sin is usually easier to see in someone else, while it’s staring back in the mirror. Not too long ago … Continue reading

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Signs & Wonders

3 times in the last few days God sent me a message loud and clear, “I know where you live, I see what you’re doing, I love you.” Wow, what comfort, what treasure… just what I needed before I even … Continue reading

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A sweet older lady recently complimented me on our large family saying, “It’s so nice to see a family that’s not dysfunctional these days.”  I nearly burst out laughing because we have not been the model family and we definitly are … Continue reading

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Isn’t that a wonderful word? It seems so fresh and full of breath, it offers such hope. Jesus says in Him I will have “abundant life.” But when I compare that promise to what I see happening around me, I … Continue reading

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