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The Process

I pray and pray until I’m out of words… And God says -be quiet now. I ask Him to hurry and do something… And He says -don’t rush me, it’s the process that matters. The steps to “completness” are blessed. … Continue reading

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Changing Hearts Through Prayer

“… a group of men who were carrying a paralytic had to take him to the roof of the house, remove some tiles, and let him down in front of Jesus. Jesus linked faith with the miracle.” -The Bible Knowledge … Continue reading

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Diving In

1 Corinthians 13:12&13 shares the promise that even though we can’t see clearly all that God is doing now, someday (on the other side) we will understand and know Him as fully as He knows us! Imagine. But, how on … Continue reading

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Storms happen. What a funny thing to write on such a beautiful peaceful day. Quiet, other than birds singing and the little creek gurgling… but it’s true, storms do come. Sometimes when we least expect them. I’m talking about those … Continue reading

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The Wedding

What an entrance! All the wedding party waiting under the cherry blossom trees. Silence. No bride… a low gong began to ring out. 1, 2, 3, 4 times… horses hooves on the cobblestones, a carriage approached. 7, 8, 9, 10… … Continue reading

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Coming out/Going in

…Well, we’ve done it again, moved! My parent’s home (that we were all living in) is on the market and we are in our own place again. What a 2 years! Sad to leave, I asked God to help me … Continue reading

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I love the first moments of morning best; those seconds before I’m fully awake. I don’t know what day it is yet and the “to dos” haven’t formed… That’s when I think of him. I wonder what he’s doing and … Continue reading

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