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Big Plan

Home. Our vacation was wonderful… I’d have been happy to have stayed on, but I’m thankful to be home too. We leave again soon to sprinkle ashes near my parent’s favorite summer spot. ┬áSo many changes, so much up in … Continue reading

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When I have a house to clean, people to feed, wash to do, hair to cut, long list of folks to pray for.  When diapers need changing, someone needs bathing or feeding, medicine regulating/ordering/dosing… (all past duties…).  When there’s shopping … Continue reading

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It Is Well

Rest. Peace. Quiet.  Some words that come to mind since my mom passed mid-May. Yesterday, the last day before leaving town for a few weeks, I went kayaking alone on a nearby creek. Normally I would have been a flutter … Continue reading

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It is finished

After a harrowing week of watching another of my parents slowly succumb to death’s tight cords, my mom died May 17th, 2015. I have been caring for her and my dad since 2010. Death, my dear reader, is not pretty. … Continue reading

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Death’s Door

I’ve posted a lot of nutrition info lately… It’s been good to have something to obsess over besides my mom’s health!. She’s been bringing us a good deal of concern since back in December of 2014. We really believed for … Continue reading

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Feeding Your Endocrine

How fascinating that we can help our bodies shed excess weight by eating instead of starving and over exercising. I love knowing that what I’m putting in my body has benefit. It’s guilt-free nourishment! …And there are so many good … Continue reading

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Fat Vegan

Three weeks ago as the warm weather arrived… I pulled the old shorts from my closet. I was horrified to find that that they didn’t fit! What??? I fluctuate a bit over the month :/ but have weighted relatively the … Continue reading

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