Memory Quilts

If you would like to order a Memory Quilt please email me at: 

Quilts of 9-12 shirts are $125.

Quilts of 16-24 shirts are $150.


quilts of 25-30 shirts are $175 (due to added backing).

Quilts of more than 30 shirts are priced according to the extra backing needed.

Backing is always included!!

NEW *Any PHOTO or WORDING can be added to a square for $10.70

NEW *Monogramming is available for aprox. $10 a square.


Going “off to College” gift… for guys or girls:

Birthday or Christmas gift:



3 Responses to Memory Quilts

  1. g2-6a6aa249e4f03b9290fc62d6a8dfb867 says:

    You are so very creative. Your ideas simply unique! What could we do for Mama for Christmas?


    • g2-6a6aa249e4f03b9290fc62d6a8dfb867 says:

      Maybe we could buy t-shirts, each one of us (Christian, love, something special to each child, like Buddy, a flute, soccer ball, something beachie….). Sounds special to me.


      • acetheriedge says:

        Yes, sounds great and Good Will always has tee shirts for cheep. The size doesn’t matter!! Just need the picture/words from them. We adopted an older child who didn’t have any of his old clothes. I have searched and come up with jerseys, team numbers, memorable times to him. Totally works!! I’ll post pics. A


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