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Grace like an Ocean…

Deeper than I can measure… Farther than I can see to its end… Powerful, unpredictable, all-consuming, overwhelming… This is God’s Grace. How far does it reach? To what lengthd will it go? Just what will it cover? … and, How many … Continue reading

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Beautiful Ugly

What is true beauty? Flawless perfection? Honest truth? Beloved memories? The Bible reminds us  skin-deep-good-looks are short lived,  but fear of God is forever gorgeous. The older I get, the more I’m banking on that!  My husband showed up at … Continue reading

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Seed Sprouting

For me, vacation and running seem to go hand in hand. I love being outside and having a look around. Walking is nice but tends to take a looong time. Thus, my lack of patience causes jogging.  I’m always amazed … Continue reading

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I bump into so many mothers of prodigal children. My heart aches for every one. You are not alone. All through the scriptures God shows His heart in the matter and gives us promises to speak out loud and hold on … Continue reading

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Table Talk

For years we sat down at the table every night to eat dinner together. Then… the older kids turned into teenagers. Sports, jobs, homework caused varying schedules and we began to eat as needed: different times, different locations, different food. … Continue reading

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Eyes to See

My precious pig-tailed girl filled a bucket with shells. It seemed that her little hands picked up everything she saw. At 6, I knew she meant to take each piece back home to Atlanta…. adding to the growing pile accumulating … Continue reading

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The Spirit

Originally posted on For Glory Sake!:
Where do you run when your world is topsy-turvy? What do you reach for when circumstances swirl in chaos? How far do you allow yourself to be swept away in a current of worry…

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